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Why Kiva?

After spending time overseas in the Philippines with trafficked children and the impoverished, we quickly learned the importance of sustainable, empowering change.

While rescue is absolutely necessary for the children in the forced sex-trade, we wanted to do something more preventive that would cut human trafficking at the root, keeping it from happening in the first place.

From our experience, the best way to combat trafficking is by combatting poverty.  

We believe that poverty is the source for many of the world's other tragic problems: child sex-trafficking, labor-enslavement, illegal drug trade, disease, malnourishment, hunger, clean water, etc.

And we believe that the best way to combat poverty is not by funneling money into a Western charity, but by putting money into the impoverished communities in a sustainable, holistic, accountable way.  This creates real, lasting, ripple-effect change.

That is Kiva.

Kiva works with Field Partners, Microfinance Institutions or Social Enterprises, to support entrepreneurs around the world that need capital to get their business off the ground.  Kiva connects us to those people to allow us to fund those businesses through micro-loans.

From the Kiva website:

"We envision a world where all people - even in the most remote areas of the globe - hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

We believe providing safe, affordable access to capital to those in need helps people create better lives for themselves and their families."

A screenshot of Kiva's website

A screenshot of Kiva's website