Tea has always been a major part of my life.  A child dressed in frills and curls, my mother enjoyed tea time with my sister and I during special celebratory days.  Running out the door as a teenager late for school, my dad handed me my mug of tea to keep me focused and alert during classes.  Waking up to the sound of a crackling bonfire, we all sipped tea brewed out in the wilderness on our family camping trips.  Drinking tea has become my solace, my energy, my relaxation, my sustenance.  And now, after struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety from two darling girls of mine, my tea time is truly healing to my heart, mind, and body.

But as a nursing mother, I’m very careful what I put into and onto my body as it will all eventually end up inside my baby girl’s as well.

So I researched the health benefits of my cabinet full of tea, and my findings were both shocking and discouraging.

Determined to keep my me-time tea-time, I decided to hand-blend my own in order to guarantee I and my baby were getting the purest of every ingredient.

But I wanted more than just a healthy tea -- I wanted it to transform the world.

Not only was it important to me to ensure my tea as Fair Trade certified, but I also wanted every purchase to proactively empower change.

Fair Trade and Kiva combine powerfully to help alleviate poverty and fight injustice.

So, what tea has it all?  What tea can one truly sip fearlessly?

Nil tea is the result.