Happy Birthday Clarity!

As a birthday present for our baby girl turning one, we want to do something extra-special for her that will have a lasting impact beyond throwing away old plastic toys or growing out of clothes.  So, if you indicate on the checkout page that your purchase is For Clarity, we will do the following:

(1) In addition to investing 25% of our profits to Kiva, 

(2) We will also place 15% of profits into a savings account we've opened for Clarity's college fund, and 

(3) We will donate 10% of profits to educating new parents about the principles of Attachment Parenting. If Clarity could communicate it to us, she would want other babies to experience the abundant happiness and security she has developed as a result of our choices to Attachment Parent.  We truly believe that the principles of Attachment Parenting can create a more peaceful, compassionate world!

For more information about how Attachment Parenting has changed our lives and hers, and for stories about how our bond with our beaming baby girl is unbreakable because of it, please feel free to email us!

For information about Attachment Parenting, visit this website.