Make this the best year of your life by selling our tea!

Nil Organic Tea has grown organically and exponentially throughout its first year as news of our products' excellence and quality spreads.  As the sole workers in our business, Shiloh and I can no longer keep up with the demands by ourselves.  Excitingly, Nil Organic Tea has outgrown the Bell-Jessop family!

We are looking for quality people to sell our teas at local farmers markets around the USA.

This is an incredible opportunity for you and as long as you are committed to it, it will be very lucrative for you as well.  Nil Organic Tea has supplied us with enough revenue to expand beyond our hopes, so we are completely confident that it would be more than worth your while, too!


  1. You must be good with people, outgoing, unafraid to talk to strangers, and get energy from being in crowds. 
  2. You must be comfortable with making sales.  Our tea sells itself, but not without a quality smile and knowledgable friend behind it. 
  3. You must be trustworthy.
  4. You must be good at quick, simple math for sales transactions.
  5. You must have a smart phone and download the Square Register app in order to take credit card payments.
  6. You must have a way to brew tea for sampling the morning of the market.
  7. You must have a car or some way to transport the canopy, table, tea, and other items to the events.
  8. You must be in good enough physical condition to both set up the whole booth yourself (or with any help you bring with you) and to stand for several hours on end throughout the entire duration of the markets (or switch with any help/partners you bring with you). (I did it all this summer while pregnant.  It's not difficult.  But you must be prepared for it).
  9. You must be at every event at least 1 hour before start time and even earlier for some markets.
  10. You must be committed to being at every single day of the market you agree to.  This often means giving up every Saturday or Sunday morning between June and October.  If you are unable to make a market date, you must find a replacement that is equally as qualified.  Our customers depend on us being there each week.  Some people are only in town for a certain weekend and come specifically to a market just to get our teas.
    • Note: Despite this commitment, it's only one day a week.  We will be doing all of the other work for you.  You are only committing to brewing the tea, commute time, set-up time, and hours of the event itself.  Compared to other jobs, these are incredible hours for the wage (and not to mention fun!) you will get!
  11. You must be willing to sign a distributorship contract.  This protects both of us.
  12. You must get a business license. (It's easy and I can help you with it).
  13. You must love our tea and think we are the very best in the world :)

You are going to be the face of our company to those you talk to, so we will be very picky.  If you are interested in joining with us, send us an email to or call us at 862-259-2971 or 831-508-0747.  We are excited to talk to you!